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About Us

About THZ Kennels...

We are Tim and Pam McElravy, owners of THZ Kennels and Lake Wenatchee Sled Dog Tours.  We live on 26 acres on  Lake Wenatchee just 25 miles west of Leavenworth, WA.  We have two sons ages 14 and 12.  Tim works full time as a Camp Director for the YMCA, part time as an EMT, and is a member of the volunteer Fire Dept.  Pam is the CEO of the McElravy family enterprises and volunteers in a variety of other endeavors in our community including, the YMCA, the Cascade Quest,  and in our sons' schools.  Our 1st Mal Steele 1996 - 2008

We got our start along this journey back in 1997 when we adopted a 10 month old 110lb Malamute puppy named Steele, from the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue.  We had always enjoyed camping, hiking, fishing, and being in the outdoors and we were looking for a dog that would fit our active lifestyle.  Little did we know how much this dog would change our lives.  Shortly after adopting Steele we found the sport of K-9 competitive weight pulling (kinda like a tractor pull, but with dogs).  Steele had some success at this with a personal best pull of just shy of 2000lbs.  This eventually led us to the sport of mushing.  Once started we were hooked.  We moved to Lake Wenatchee in the spring of 2002, leaving the city life far behind us and our kennel began to grow.

About the THZ name...   

We often get asked bout the name "THZ."  THZ stands for The Hounds of Zeus.  The name came from an online gaming clan a high school friend of Tim's formed in 1999.  This gaming clan of high school friends grew to include people from all over the United States and across the globe.  Although we are no longer involved in online gaming, (only room for one addiction), the THZ name carried over into our kennel when the time came to choose a name.

About the Alaskan Malamute...

THZ's dogs are purebred Alaskan Malamutes.   The largest and oldest of the Arctic sled dogs, the Alaskan Malamute possesses great strength and endurance. He is not designed to race, but rather to carry large loads over long distances. Malamutes are highly athletic enjoying sledding, weight-pulling, back-packing, jogging and swimming with their owners. The Malamute coat is thick and coarse, with a plumed tail carried over the back. The coat usually ranges in color from light gray to black or from sable to red. Face markings, including a cap on the head and a bar/mask on the face are often distinguishing features

THZs Balto & Cascades Caillou

Gone but not forgotten...

Silverfrost's Jazz lived to be over 12 yrs old.  Jazz's registered name is Silverfrost's Jazzy Red Ruby.  Jazz came to us from a breeder in Yakima, after she was retired from a successful career in competitive K-9 Weight pulls.  Jazz was a Regional Champion in the IWPA and won medals in international competitions with a best pull of over 4000lbs.  When Jazz came to live with us she had never been run in a sled dog team.  She took to her new career as if she was a seasoned pro.  Jazz has since been retired from pulling and lives here with us at our kennel.  Jazz is the matriarch of THZ Kennels having produced, Ruby, Balto, Denali, and Chewie.  She was also the grandmother to Hemi and Sienna. 

THZ's Steele was our first Malamute who started us out on this journey.  We adopted Steele through the Seattle Pure Breed Dog Rescue.  He lived with us for 11 years before he passed away.  Together we hiked, camped, and traveled together over many miles of trail. 

Meet the Team...
THZs Chewbacca
THZ's Chewbacca
- OFA Good aka Chewie.  8 yrs old, Lead Dog.  When he was a puppy he looked like a little wookie, hence his name.  Chewie is our main lead/stud dog.   He loves to run and never quits.  During his 1st race,  at 15 months old I put him up in lead to see what he would do and he excelled.  Chewie led the team to a strong red lantern finish covering 75 miles in 3 25 mile legs.  A born leader. 

THZs Ruby
THZ's Ruby 9 yrs old, gee/haw leader and swing dog.  Another great sled dog, Ruby can run in any spot on the team.  Always giving her best effort to each run, Ruby has a strong drive and a happy-go-lucky "can do" attitude. 

THZs Cinnamon
THZ's Cinnamon 11 yrs old, Lead dog.  Cinnamon is actually a Siberian Husky, (although we don't hold that against her), who came to our kennel out of an Oregon Alaskan Malamute Rescue Organization.  She's been with us for the as long as we've been running sled dogs and is a key member of our team.  She is our best lead dog, keeping the team moving down the trail and is an excellent gee/haw (right/left) leader.  She greets each day with an enthusiasm that spreads to the rest of the team.  While on the trail she has never wavered and is the dog I turn to when I need a trusted leader up front.

THZs Sienna
THZ's Sienna 6 yrs old, swing and lead dog.  Sienna is the daughter of Chewie and Ruby and litter mate to Hemi.  A sweet girl with a great temperament and work ethic.  Eager to get down the trail but always ready/willing to stop for a picture or a scratch behind the ears.

THZs Hemi
THZ's Hemi 6 yrs old, wheel, team dog.  Hemi is 100% go, go, go.  He is the littermate to Sienna and came out of Chewie and Ruby.  Hemi is a care free dog who just wants to see what is around the next bend.  Never one to turn down a snack or quick pet, Hemi is a mooch at heart.  From the very 1st time he was hooked to the sled he's never had any slack in his tug. 

  Cascades Caillou
Cascade's Caillou 11 yrs old, wheel, team dog.  Caillou (Ki-YOO), came to us at 8 weeks old from Cascade Kennel near Washougal WA.  He is one of the original four dogs we had when we first started out and sired Ruby, Balto, and Denali.  Caillou also had a pretty good run in competitive weight pulls with a personal best pull of over 3000lbs.  Over the years Caillou has logged several thousand miles on the trail with us and is a stead fast puller.  Always eager to go, this dog  attacks the trail with reckless abandon.  Back at the campsite he is my number one snuggler.

THZs Balto

THZ's Balto 9 yrs old Wheel Dog.  Strong, tenacious, loyal, and loving are just a few words that describe our Balto.  A litter mate to Ruby and Denali, Balto is perhaps our strongest and our biggest dog tipping the scales at about 90lbs.  Balto runs in wheel where his strength is put to good use pulling sleds of passengers and camping gear during our winter outings.  Balto is a big goof ball at heart and has earned the title of THZ class clown.

THZ's Lucky 11 yrs old, team dog.  Lucky is a solid worker and isTHZs Lucky one of the original four dogs we started with.  Lucky was on doggy death row at a shelter in Walla Walla when he was rescued by the Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League.  He had been somewhat traumatized by his previous owners when he came to live with us as a temporary foster dog.  I bonded with this dog almost as soon as we got him and he has been a part of our pack ever since.  Lucky is a sweet and gentle spirit who puts his head down and simply works hard all them time.  Because of his gentle nature and patience, we turn to him to help us break in the new pups on the team.  He is able/willing to put up with their puppy antics and teaches them how to pull and work hard.  We are truly "lucky" to have him on our team.

Sierra's Miley  OFA EXcellent.  4 yr old Lead, swing and team dog.  Born at Sierra Kennels in Spirit Lake, Idaho.    Her registered name is Sierra's Best of Both World's - Miley, (Yes we are Miley Cyrus fans).  Fall of 2009 was the 1st time Miley was ever hooked into a team of sled dogs and she took to it like a fish to water.  Miley enjoys everything she encounters and with her endless puppy energy is always ready for a run, walk, or romp in the yard.  With her eager attitude and desire to please we know she'll go far as a sled dog and member of our pack.

Sierra's ReggieOFA Excellent 3yrs old Leader in training, swing, team dog, wheel dog.  Reggie was also born at Sierra Kennels in Spirit Lake Idaho and is a full brother to his older sister Miley.  Reggie came to our Kennel in August 2010 shortly after Tim's father passed away.  We named him after Dad's all time Favorite Green Bay Packer Football Player, Reggie White.  His registered name is Sierra's Minister of Defense - Reggie.  Tim and Reggie almost instantly bonded with Reggie bringing joy, love and happiness into our home during a time of deep sadness and profound loss.  2010/2011 is Reggie's first season running with our team and already he is proving himself  to be an excellent sled dog as well as a beloved member of our pack.

Henderson's Ice Princess Katara.  2yr old team wheel dog.  Born in February 2011, Katara came to us from Malamute Musher and Arctic Explorer Joe Henderson from Fairbanks Alaska.  Katara's kin can be found every winter exploring the arctic as a part of Joe's annual expeditions to explore the great north.  When we decided to get a new dog to add to our kennel we chose Joe's proven line of hard working hard driving dog.  This winter Katara turned 1 yr old and is quickly proven to be one of our hardest working dogs.  We are excited to have her as a part of our pack and look forward to many adventures together in the years to come.

Aluk's Radar.  6yrs old Wheel Dog.  Radar came to us from our friend Vicky Massey of Sierra Kennels in Spirit Lake Idaho.  Vicky was getting out of dogs and wanted a working kennel for her babies Hawkeye and Radar.  Since joining our kennel in the spring of 2011 Radar and his brother Hawkeye have become our main wheel dogs providing LOTS of power to our team.  Radar is a big goof ball at heart and is tireless when working in harness.

Aluk's Hawkeye  6yrs old Wheel Dog.  Hawkeye came to us from our friend Vicky Massey of Sierra Kennels in Spirit Lake Idaho.  Vicky was getting out of dogs and wanted a working kennel for her babies Hawkeye and Radar.  Since joining our kennel in the spring of 2011 Radar and his brother Hawkeye have become our main wheel dogs providing LOTS of power to our team.  Hawkeye is like his brother Radar in that he too is a big goof ball at heart and is tireless when working in harness.  Hawkeye is also a great snuggler around the campsite or dog yard.

THZ's Tiberius  1 yr old Wheel Dog.  Tiberius is from our Spring 2012 Litter.  His Parents are Chewie and Miley.  While still young he is hard worker and is showing a lot of promise as a sled dog.  2013 will be his second season in harness and we are expecting good things from this big boy!

THZ's Tuvok  1 yr old wheel/team/swing Dog.  Tuvok is from our Spring 2012 Litter.  His Parents are Chewie and Miley.  A bit shyer than his brother Tiberius, Tuvok is showing promise as a potential lead dog.  He loves to run and always aims to please. 

THZ's Seven of Nine  1 yr old swing/lead Dog.  Seven of Nine is from our Spring 2012 Litter.  Her Parents are Chewie and Miley.  Seven is perhaps the brightest dog out of this litter.  she is small and compact like her mother and loves to be up in front of he team.  She is fun loving and easy going.  Seven of Nine is a lead dog in training.

THZ's Comet 6 yrs old, Team mascot, bed warmer, cheerleader, puppy playmate.  Comet is our house dog and is a Australian Sheppard/Lab/Border Collie - mix, though he thinks he is a sled dog, (SHHHH we have not told him he isn't).  You'll often find Comet free running out with the team on the trail and begging for food around the camp site.  Comet is an invaluable part of our team teaching the sled dogs to ignore loose dogs (an important skill while out on the trail).  Comet also helps us keep the pack together whether it is the 8 scattering pups we free run at the beach, or the 3 other dogs teams we train with. 

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